A Filipino man was seriously injured in a shooting that killed one person and injured four others in California in the United States on the weekend.

Andy Teodoro, 25, was heading to meet some friends in San Francisco’s Fillmore district on Saturday evening when he was hit in a drive-by shooting. Four others were injured and one person was killed in the shooting, ABS-CBN News reported.

One of Teodoro’s friends, Mikkel Aragon, also a Filipino, said they heard around 12 to 15 continuous gunshots in the area. Aragon then received a call from Teodoro, who said he had been shot.

“It was complete mayhem. There was a dead body close by and fights were breaking out around us. I laid with Andy as we waited for help, reminding him that everything would be alright,” Aragon said.

Of the five wounded, Teodoro suffered the most serious injuries. The Filipino was taken to a hospital, where he is currently recuperating in the intensive care unit.

California police have arrested two suspects for the shooting, however there have been no details regarding the motive behind the attack, GMA News reported.