A 43-year-old Filipino man was sentenced to six months in prison at the Eastern Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday after facing two charges of looking inside a women’s toilet on Hong Kong Island.

Eduardo Paki, a married bartender and a Hong Kong resident, pleaded guilty to two counts of “loitering causing concern” and was sentenced to three months imprisonment on each charge, hongkongnews.com.hk reported.

The court heard that on February 16, a woman saw Paki inside the women’s toilet on the basement floor of Manly Plaza on King’s Road in Quarry Bay. The woman was frightened and asked him what he was doing there. Paki did not answer and ran away.

Based on surveillance camera footage at Manly Plaza, Paki had stayed inside the toilet for 42 seconds. The following day, another woman saw him inside the toilet, where he stayed for 37 seconds. Police then arrested him.

The prosecutor told the court that the defendant had five previous criminal cases involving loitering and peeping.