A Hong Kong woman’s online criticism of her Filipina domestic worker’s accented English quickly led to a social media backlash.

The mother criticized her worker over her accent and grammar while speaking English, saying she was worried that her son would learn poor English from her, Headline Daily reported.

The mother cited that the Filipina worker pronounced “apple” as “ah-po”, “mango” as “mung-go”, “bath” as “but” and “socks” as “suck”, adding that the worker gave her dirty looks when she corrected her pronunciation and grammar.

She posted her worries on a Facebook group page asking for of advice on how to handle the “problem”.

The post went viral, prompting more than 400 comments, most of which came from Hong Kong commentators who criticized her arrogance.

Many of them advised the mother to respect the domestic worker and said she should not blame the Filipina for her accent.

Some commentators said the Filipina was hired to work as a domestic worker, not a native English teacher, adding that it is normal that foreign domestic workers speak accented English. Others mocked the mother, saying that she should hire a British person to teach her son instead of a domestic worker.