Two Vietnamese men detained for visa and employment infringements surprised Kaohsiung police by excitedly bursting into a song after their arrests, as the men were elated they would now get a free trip back to their homeland to visit relatives.

Officers from Hunei precinct stopped the duo, who have the surnames Nguyen and Do, after seeing them move a large quantity of baggage into a taxi         on Zhongxiao Road in Alian District, the Taiwan Times reported. Nguyen was found to have overstayed on his tourist visa, telling police he had forgotten to catch a flight back home because he loved Taiwan so much.

Do had run away from his employer three months earlier and no longer had a valid work permit.

The men hummed and sang songs while they were being taken to the police station, explaining that they were glad to be going home. Do was so happy to be leaving that he offered a 30kg bag of rice to officers after learning he might be barred from boarding if he insisted on taking it with him.