In a bizarre video captured in Australia, a large eastern brown snake – an extremely venomous variety – is seen eating a smaller python after fighting it for food.

Jessica Mace saw the two snakes going at it in her shed in Mulgowie, Australia, and captured the fight in a video, ABC7 reported. She spotted the larger snake on a beam near a rat’s nest before it dropped down with a python – which had wrapped itself around a rat – in its mouth.

When the reptiles hit the ground, the python released the rodent but the bigger snake had bigger ambitions. According to Mace, the two snakes fought for about half an hour before the python was ultimately poisoned and eaten by the bigger brown snake.

The brown snake then ate the rat as well.

The eastern brown was ranked as one of the most dangerous snakes in Australia in 2012, as it had been responsible for more deaths than any other snake at the time. It also boasts the second most toxic venom among land snakes.