A total of seven people were injured in two separate leopard attacks within 48 hours in India.

In the first incident, a leopard attacked a man working on his farm near Girnare village in Nashik, Maharashtra, on March 9, the Times of India reported. The farmer was taken to a local hospital and did not have any serious wounds.

The leopard involved in this attack was subsequently captured and released in a safe area.

On March 10, six people were also injured in a leopard attack in Ashakiranwadi village in Nashik. All six of the injured were taken to a hospital and were reported to be out of danger.

According to a forest officer, two cages had been set up in Ashakiranwadi after the attack. Search operations had also been conducted, but no leopards had been spotted so far. Traps were also set and residents were told to avoid venturing into their farms at night as leopards had been spotted in the area.

The leopard involved in the second attack has yet to be captured.