A Macau man fell to his death at the Grand Canyon in the United States while taking selfies on Thursday morning.

The Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong confirmed that the victim, in his 50s, had joined a seven-day US tour organized by Hong Kong’s Hong Tai Travel Services Limited, Apple Daily reported.

The man was part of an 11-people tour group which had arrived at Eagle Point, a popular tourist destination, on Thursday morning. A helicopter recovered the man’s body from 1,000 feet below the rim at Grand Canyon West, a popular tourist destination on the Hualapai reservation outside the boundaries of the national park, Associated Press reported, citing spokesman David Leibowitz.

The tour guide said the weather was fine on the day of the accident and he had reminded the travelers not to get too close to the edge before the journey, Radio Television Hong Kong reported. The travel industry council said the travel agency and insurance company were following up.

Eagle Point is a remote site best known for its Skywalk, a horse-shoe shaped glass bridge that juts out from the canyon wall. The rim has some ledges and outcroppings below, but no barrier between tourists and the edge.