The Macau Health Authority has confirmed two new cases of measles. They involve a female hospital doctor and a Nepalese migrant worker, bringing the number of confirmed cases in Macau to eight in the first three months of this year. In the same period of 2018, three cases were recorded.

A 38-year-old Macau woman who is said to be a doctor working for the Department of Medicine in Kiang Wu Hospital in Santo António, developed a fever on March 14 and a skin rash five days later.

The doctor, who is now in fair condition at an isolation ward in the hospital, reportedly had contact with a patient infected with measles at work.

The health bureau said that after developing measles symptoms, the doctor stopped work and had no further contact with patients. The bureau has identified 106 people who had contact with the doctor prior to her developing symptoms, and has placed them under medical observation.

Another case reportedly involved a 37-year-old migrant worker from Nepal, who is said to be a groom working for Macau Jockey Club.

The patient, who returned to Macau from Nepal on March 2, showed fever, cough and sore throat symptoms on March 13 and later developed a rash on his neck.

He was admitted to Conde S. Januário Hospital on March 19 and tested positive for the measles virus.

A health officer urged migrant workers, particularly those from the measles-hit countries including the Philippines and Vietnam, to seek vaccination if they have not already done so.