Fang Xinghai, deputy chairman of China Securities Regulatory Committee, said there’s no plan to lift foreign investors’ ownership limits on A-share stocks in response to MSCI’s move to delete Han’s Laser Technology from its China index.

The global index provider also slashed the inclusion weight of Medea Group to 0.5, citing issues triggered by foreign ownership ceilings.

Chin-Ping Chia, head of research for APAC at the MSCI, said the decisions regarding Han’s Laser and Midea were “individual securities events, not a market-wide phenomenon.”

According to present rules, offshore ownership of A-share listed firm cannot exceed 30%.

As the foreign ownership of Shenzhen-listed Han’s Laser approached the limit, the Chinese regulator on Tuesday blocked foreign investors from purchasing its shares.

Current foreign holdings in Midea are close to 28%, therefore MSCI may enact further decreases, if room for foreign ownership continues to diminish.