An Indonesian man has allegedly told police that he stabbed a bus passenger because he disliked it when people sat cross-legged. The man also claims to have heard a “spirit” telling him that the passenger, sitting alongside him, was being insulting.

Police have alleged that the 52-year-old attacker, named as Sudirman, suddenly stabbed the 29-year-old passenger in his left thigh as the Transjakarta bus stopped in the Cawang area of East Jakarta, The Jakarta Post reported.

“He is bothered by people sitting with their legs crossed. He felt offended,” Kramatjati police chief commander Nurdin A Rahman said. “He said he heard a whisper from a ‘spirit’ telling him that the person next to him was insulting him.”

Sudirman was said to carry his knife with him every day from his home in Bogor, West Java.

He remains in custody while police inquiries continue.