The Centre for Health Protection has been trying to reach passengers on four Cathay Pacific flights after a male flight attendant contracted measles.

The attendant, a 23-year-old Hong Kong man, developed a fever on March 1 when he was abroad and worked on flight CX526 from Hong Kong to Tokyo and flight CX527 on his return, Apple Daily reported.

Three days later, the man developed measles symptoms. He went to St Paul Hospital in Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island for medical treatment and tested positive for measles.

He was in a stable condition and had been discharged from the hospital. His family members had no symptoms but were put under medical surveillance.

The health center was trying to reach passengers who were on flights CX526 and CX527 to Tokyo on March 1, as well as the inbound and outbound flights CX921 and CX922 between Hong Kong and Cebu, the Philippines, on February 28, during the incubation period.

The airline operator said the aircraft had been sterilized once they received the information from the health authorities.