A Vietnamese spa-and-massage parlor owner in New Taipei City, Taiwan threatened police officers with a knife after her Indonesian employee was found to have overstayed her visa by three years.

At around 2pm on March 5, local police officers were conducting a routine inspection at the parlor located on Zhongshan North Road in the Tamsui District when one of the masseuses, an Indonesian woman, was discovered to have overstayed her visa by three years, Central News Agency reported.

The worker, knowing she was about to be arrested, pretended to go to a back room to retrieve her documents and tried to flee through a back door. Police officers were able to catch her at the entrance of a grocery store nearby, where she tried to escape again.

They escorted the worker back to the spa and upon hearing about the arrest, Bui, the Vietnamese woman who owns the establishment, bolted back to her shop. There, she pulled out a watermelon knife and cursed the officers while threatening them them with the knife.

The knife used by Bui to threaten the police officers. Photo: New Taipei City Police Department

During the altercation, Bui’s left elbow clashed with a glass cabinet, leaving her with a laceration. She was then taken to the Mackay Memorial Hospital for treatment to her injury.

The Indonesian woman, whom it was confirmed had overstayed her visa, was handed over to the National Immigration Agency to be processed for deportation.

Bui was taken to the New Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office on the charges of violating the Employment Service Act and interfering with Public Functions.