A man has been arrested for posing as a policeman for three years at Depok in greater Jakarta, with real officers saying he dressed in tactical pants and vests and carried his father’s identity card to impress women. He dated at least 20 while carrying on the pretence.

The 21-year-old, an online motorcycle taxi driver whose name was given as Tegar, didn’t just pose as any police officer: he said he was the commander of an elite force known as the Jaguar Team that combats street crime in West Java.

“He claimed to be the Jaguar Team chief because of its name. Jaguar sounds cool,” the team’s real chief, First Inspector Winam Agus, said in an interview with kompas.com.

Winam said Tegat used his father’s police identity card and held guns to impress women, who were also convinced to hand over their money — one woman allegedly gave him as much as 1.5 million rupiahs (US$105.) None of the victims has reported his activities to the police.

“They must be too embarrassed,” Winam said.