Wuhan University in China has expressed its outrage over the behavior of visitors after trees were found to be ravaged by tourists in search of Instagram-quality shots of the campus’s famous cherry blossoms.

Visitors have been seen damaging the university’s cherry trees in their bids to capture the perfect selfie. Photos and videos have been shared on social media by the university.

Photos: Weibo.

The university posted on its Weibo account, urging visitors not to climb the cherry trees and not to break off branches.

Students replied with anger on social media, some even commenting that “uncivilized people do not deserve to see the cherry trees in Wuhan University.”

Photos: Weibo.

Wuhan University’s cherry trees are famous throughout the country and every March—when the cherry trees blossom—tourists from all over the country flock to see the trees in their prime.

Every visitor is required to register and go through facial recognition scans before entering the campus. On weekdays about 15,000 people visit the campus per day, with almost double that number arriving on weekends.