An investigative journalist recently attacked the “Anglo-Saxon media’s biased reporting on terrorism,” but it’s a global problem, and not limited to Anglo-Saxons or Asians or Africans. Media outlets help terrorists.

The Christchurch killer used Facebook to live-cast murderous delusions, but sections of mainstream media amplified his “manifesto.” Each published message from perpetrators of terrorist attacks propagates their hate. Killers get free advertisements paid for with the blood of their victims – while corporate advertisers pay millions to get such coverage.

Like governments, media outlets often address terrorism via prisms of self-interest. We can be self-delusional about “fair and balanced” reporting, but editorial reality shows degrees of allegiance to funding sources, political affiliations, geographic areas and ratings.

So “terrorists” attacking “my” country become “militants” attacking another country.

Remove the ego of the “my.” Blood spilled anywhere is human blood.

The enemy within

The real enemy is within: the ignorance of not knowing what happens within – within this impermanent mind-matter phenomenon called “I.”

Ignorance of one’s inner world leads to delusions of the outer world.

This ignorance of inner reality causes the mental illness of terrorists believing their “justifications” for murder. Ignorance breeds the breathtaking lunacy that committing crimes against humanity earns the perpetrator a ticket to “heaven.”

If only the Terrorists Trade Union and the International Federation of Suicide Bombers could join the babble demanding proof of anti-terrorist strikes and tell their terrorist masterminds: “Give me proof that committing murder and mayhem will take me to heaven and lusty pleasures.”

If only terrorists and their sponsors understood the torment awaiting them. They may escape the laws of the land, but not the law of cause and effect. Nature’s Accounts Department does not let go until all accounts are settled.

Ignorance breeds the breathtaking lunacy that committing crimes against humanity earns the perpetrator a ticket to “heaven”

No need to bay for revenge. As the seed is, so the fruit will be; it is impossible for terrorists and their sponsors to escape self-destruction and eons of suffering.

Distorted ‘religion’

Never forget that terrorists are also victims of terrorism – the brainwashed cannon fodder of demented dogma and false priests of misinterpreted religion.

Yet the media and terrorism “experts” worldwide help institutionalize deadly delusions such as misinterpreted “jihad.”

The real ‘‘jihad’ and arihant mean the same thing: the inner “crusade” of “killing” inner enemies – the impurities of one’s own mind. But demented “religious” preachers peddle distorted dogmas calling non-believers “enemies.”

Such “religious” preachers and their blind followers who asks them to kill fellow humans need: a) education and b) psychiatric help.

The media outlets that readily help terrorists spread their delusions gave little or no coverage to this rare message of harmony and peace delivered at the United Nations General Assembly in August 2000:

“I cannot harm others without first harming myself…. I am the first victim of my anger…. If I observe myself within, I find that as negativity arises in the mind, there is a physical reaction: my body becomes hot and starts burning; there are palpitations and tension; I am miserable.

“The moment there is no negativity in the mind, I feel peaceful. This too I can observe within myself.

“Whatever one’s religion or tradition or country, when one generates negativity in the mind, one suffers. Nature provides the punishment. Those breaking nature’s laws start feeling the misery of hell-fire within, here and now.”


We make our world. And peace in our world needs peace within.

Inner peace needs being with truth. It needs shattering the ignorance about one’s mind-matter interaction. It needs a special faculty to develop awareness and equanimity to the reality within. In the ancient Pali language, this faculty is called Vipassana, meaning “to see reality, as it is.”

If you like being with the truth and hate blind beliefs, if you are willing to work hard, fight bravely to defeat one’s inner enemies – if you like sharing the happiness and freedom thereby gained, then Vipassana is for you.