Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group and its unit Ant Financial contributed a total of 51.6 billion yuan (US$7.7 billion) in tax last year, making it the top taxpayer among the nation’s internet companies.

That number is equivalent to about 140 million yuan every day and represents an over 40% year-on-year increase, according to data released by the company.

In 2013, tax paid by Alibaba Group totalled 7 billion yuan, while that number increased to 10.9 billion yuan in 2014.

According to its earnings announcement for the third quarter 2018, Alibaba reported revenue of 117.2 billion yuan, up 41% year on year.

Revenue from the core e-commerce businesses grew by 40% from a year ago to 102.8 billion yuan. Net profit climbed by 37% year on year to 33 billion yuan.