Police have asked people who witnessed a suspected child abduction on Monday in Fai Chi Kei, Macau, to contact them to help with the investigation.

A nursery school issued a notice to parents about the suspected child abduction incident on Monday after receiving information from a parent, Today Macao reported.

A boy aged four was picked up by the domestic worker at school about noon. As they walked to the Lok Yeung Fa Yuen Building, a man aged about 60 followed them. The man suddenly grabbed the boy’s hand and tried to drag him away. The domestic worker was shocked but pulled the boy back near her.

A witness saw the incident happen and asked the domestic worker in English whether the man was her friend or the boy’s grandfather and the worker said no, Exmoo reported.

The witness then questioned the man, who claimed he was the boy’s grandfather. The witness urged the domestic worker to tell her employer about the incident. The man was wearing a blue shirt and spoke Cantonese.

At a press briefing, the police said they’d had no reports on a suspected child abduction case. They urged the witness or people relevant to the case to contact them to provide more information for their investigation.