According to official statistics, almost 115,000 citizens in Vietnam were killed by cancer in 2018 – meaning more than 300 died of the disease each day.

The numbers were collected by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Cancer Observatory and were announced by Hanoi’s K Hospital Director Tran Van Thuan on April 16, VN Express reported.

Tran pointed out that the country had eight specialty hospitals and 69 general hospitals that are able to treat all cancer cases. However, he described the fight against cancer as “an onerous task” as the number of cancer patients was expected to increase this year.

In Vietnam, the most common type of cancer among men is liver cancer, followed by lung, stomach and colorectal cancers. For women, breast cancer is the most frequent type.

The K Hospital in Hanoi is coordinating with the UK for clinical research to find methods for treating cancer.