At least 225 polling station workers and 16 police officers died from exhaustion during the country’s elections, according to officials in Indonesia.

Officials released the numbers on April 25, which led to public demands that the legislative and presidential elections be held on separate days, Benar News reported.

KPU commissioner Evi Noida Ginting Manij said the death toll was higher than the one recorded in the previous elections in 2014 – the two elections were held three months apart that year. She explained that the majority of deaths were caused by exhaustion from a heavy workload.

Another 1,470 other workers fell ill from the heavy workload as well.

According to the elections commission, more than 7 million workers were appointed throughout the country. Police spokesperson Dedi Prasetyo said only eight officers died during the previous election – a number which doubled this time around.

The commission has proposed providing families with compensation of up to 36 million rupiah (US$2,500) and 30 million ($2,100) for those with a permanent disability.