A Filipino woman and her husband were arrested last Wednesday in San Bruno, California, on suspicion of human trafficking.

San Bruno police arrested Maria Delosreyes, 45, and her husband Ricardo Delosreyes, 55, for allegedly promising a job and a better life to a Filipina on the condition that she move to their home in San Bruno, The Daily Journal reported.

When the Filipina arrived in the US, she was made to work as the couple’s housekeeper. The couple allegedly threatened her with deportation and forced her to work 14 to 17 hours a day, seven days a week for almost no pay.

The Filipina took care of the couple’s mentally disabled child and also did cleaning for a dental business owned by one of their friends. The woman was also made to sleep on the floor and was not allowed to eat with the family.

According to police lieutenant Ryan Johansen, the couple’s crime was reported to police in 2016, but the two fled the US. Police recently discovered the Delosreyes had returned to San Bruno and arrested her. The woman’s husband is believed to be in the Philippines and remains at large.

Johansen said there was no information on the victim’s current whereabouts, adding that a two-year investigation has not led them to additional victims.