Filipino migrant workers are urged to be wary of job offers on social media after three Filipinos heading to Thailand were arrested for carrying illegal drugs.

On March 28 at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) arrested three Filipino workers who were allegedly in possession of cocaine worth 16 million pesos (US$305,000) as they were heading for a flight to Thailand, Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

NBI-Special Action Unit Chief Emeterio Dongallo Jr. said the cocaine was found inside the pages of five children’s books.

Dongallo said the drugs were supposed to be transported from Thailand to Brazil, from where they also originated. He added that Filipinos can travel to Thailand and Brazil visa-free.

NBI Deputy Director Eric Distor warned Filipino workers to be wary of online job postings as drugs syndicates frequently use them to recruit Filipinos to be unwitting “drug mules”. Dongallo added that the job offers are usually posted on Facebook and will entice Filipinos to transport pieces of jewelry that may contain illegal drugs.