A 59-year-old employment agent was arrested by Kedah police in Malaysia on Tuesday for allegedly exploiting three Indonesian women, who escaped from a migrant workers’ center and went to the consulate late last month.

The three women, aged between 36 and 48, accused their migrant workers’ agent of exploitation and beating and scolding them, as well as not giving them any wages, the China Press reported.

On March 23, the women said they could not put up with any more abuse and ran away from a migrant workers’ center and took refuge at the Indonesian Consulate in Penang. On April 22, they lodged a police report at the Padang Serai police station in Kulim.

Police learned the women came to Malaysia between May and December in 2018 and had been employed as domestic workers. If their employers made any complaints about them, they would be returned to the agent, who would then beat and scold them.

The man from the migrant workers’ center was arrested for allegedly violating Section 12 of the Anti-Trafficking in Persons and Anti-Smuggling of Migrants Act 2007, and authorities are continuing the investigation.