A video clip posted online showing a man being sprayed in the face with a fire extinguisher after he was smoking at a gas station in China has gone viral.

The CCTV footage was taken at a gas station in Hangzhou, China, on March 24, Youth.cn reported. The man had just refueled his vehicle and stopped for a quick smoke while still in the station.

A staff member at the station spotted the man and tried to stop him from smoking as he feared it may cause an accident. The man did not heed the warning and carried on smoking his cigarette. The station worker then used a fire extinguisher and gave the man a good spray.

The enraged man got out of his vehicle and started to shove and slap the worker who then called police, who quickly arrived at the scene and took both men to the precinct for questioning.

While the worker did not wish to press charges for being hit, he wanted authorities to punish the man for smoking at the gas station as he could have set off an explosion.

Police detained the man for three days for putting the fuel station at risk.