A total of 16 fishermen in Vietnam were rescued after two vessels ran into technical difficulties.

On May 3, the ship QNa 90315 TS was fishing near the Hoang Sa Archipelago when it suffered a breakdown in bad weather, Viet Nam News reported. The ship’s captain, 50-year-old Pham Xuan Le, called the Vietnam Maritime Search and Rescue Center for help, who alerted nearby ships and local authorities to assist in the rescue.

Ngo Tan Lai, 46, captain of another vessel, agreed to help. However the bad weather and strong waves blocked his ship and his crew’s attempt to help Pham and his crew, and by 4pm, Ngo’s ship had also broken down.

The maritime center then sent a ship to help the two vessels. The rescue ship reached the scene just before dawn on May 4. By nighttime on the same day, all 16 of the stranded fishermen were taken to the city of Da Nang.