An Australian writer has been criticized and had death threats after tweeting that Filipino food was the worst in the Southeast Asian region.

The controversy started when a professor at Cornell University tweeted a ranking of cuisines in Southeast Asia according to his personal taste. Tom Pepinsky ranked Vietnamese cuisine as the best, while Filipino food was at the bottom at number nine, the Philippine Star reported.

Kate Walton, an Australian writer based in Jakarta, replied to Pepinsky’s tweet by saying “Filipino food is definitely the worst in the region.

Many Filipinos went online and criticized Walton for her remark – some even sent her death threats. Walton followed up her tweet by saying that Filipino food is “bland,” which further angered Filipinos.

In a separate post on Twitter, Walton issued an apology and said she realized her choice of words had offended some. However, she insisted she would not delete her tweets because she was expressing her personal opinion.

“I won’t be engaging any more on this topic, though. I’ve apologized and there’s not much else I can do,” Walton said in a tweet.