A 46-year-old Singapore man and his 47-year-old girlfriend were sentenced to jail by a Singapore court on Wednesday after pleading guilty to assaulting a 33-year-old Indonesian woman on at least three occasions over trivial matters.

Lim Kheng Soon, a taxi driver, was sentenced to three months and eight weeks in jail after pleading guilty to two assault charges. He was also ordered to pay S$1,000 (US$733) to Junairiyah Junaedi Artawi as compensation, the Straits Times reported.

The second defendant was Jecyn Penpelnel Chong Siew Moi, Soon’s live-in girlfriend, and she was jailed for eight weeks after pleading guilty to an assault charge. She has to pay Junairiyah S$500 (US$366) in compensation.

The court heard that the unmarried couple had two children and Chong hired the domestic worker from 2015 until 2017 to care for her then newborn daughter.

The first assault happened one morning in early August 2015, when the washing machine at the couple’s home was leaking water, which then spread across into the living room and wet the wooden floor. Despite Junairiyah’s efforts at cleaning it up, the floor remained damp.

Lim not only scolded her, but also kicked her thigh, slapped her cheek and grabbed her hair. He also ordered her to pay S$2,000 for the damage. About two years later on June 18, 2017, Chong became angry when Junairiyah allegedly left their daughter’s milk bottle in the sink.

Chong slapped the maid several times and pulled her hair. She also pulled her left hand and bit her on the left wrist. After numerous other assaults, Junairiyah was taken to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital where she was found with tenderness over her right upper back and a swollen right ring finger.