An Internet commentator called Annie Tsoi posted two photos to a Hong Kong Facebook group named “Junk Bay” on Wednesday. Along with a description of how she saw a little girl chase after a domestic worker who refused to hold her hand, the post quickly drew a heated online discussion of the domestic worker’s conduct, reported.

Tsoi said the incident happened at around 7:15pm on Wednesday at East Point City, a shopping center in Hang Hau, Tseung Kwan O.

Tsoi said she saw the domestic worker refuse to hold the little girl’s hand even when the girl kept chasing after her. Tsoi said she followed the pair for a while, watching the worker not only glowering at the girl but also, according to Tsoi, showing the child a bad attitude. Finally, the girl had no choice but to grab the worker’s clothes.

Tsoi said she posted the photos to alert the girl’s parents about how badly their domestic worker treated their daughter.

But the post drew a heated discussion online. Some commentators said they felt angry about the worker’s arrogance and rudeness and said they would fire a domestic worker who was not nice to their children.

Some employers said a domestic worker should hold a child’s hand at all times in public areas as it is their job to take care of the young ward.

However, another group of commentators said the worker should not be blamed as she might just be in a bad mood at the time, like we all are sometimes.

They advised employers and Hongkong people to try to be understanding and to show empathy towards workers who came all the way to Hong Kong to take care of their families.