A 28-year-old Filipino domestic worker in Singapore hid stolen money inside her body, but was caught during a body scan when she was arrested.

The woman was jailed for 16 weeks on Thursday by a Singapore court after pleading guilty to stealing money from her 69-year-old employer. Her last theft involved S$5,002 (US$3,668) in cash, which was recovered from her private parts during a body search after her arrest.

Bajo Nelgielyn Bobita was hired by an elderly employer surnamed Lee, who was a businessman living with his wife and five-year-old grandson. She worked for the family for one year and two months until March this year, the Shin Min Daily News reported.

The court heard that the woman first stole money on February 22, 2019, after going into Lee’s room and finding a small bag with a key and a piece of paper with a PIN number on it. This gave her access to his safe and she took S$3,000 (US$2,200) from it.

She then went to Lucky Plaza on Orchard Road twice, on February 24 and March 30, and sent the stolen money to her family in the Philippines. Two weeks later, on March 6, she stole again from Lee as she was reportedly having financial difficulties.

She took S$5,002 (US$3,668) in cash from her employer’s safe and hid it in her room. Lee called police later that day to report that money was missing from his safe, leading to the arrest of his worker.

On March 8, the Filipina was charged with theft and sent to the Changi Women’s Prison at about 9 pm, where she underwent a body scan. Stolen money totaling S$5,002 was found hidden inside her body.

She was thus sentenced to 16 weeks’ jail on May 9 after pleading guilty to two charges of theft.