Two Filipino sex workers, a transgender and a crossdresser, were arrested on Friday night in Macau after a Taiwanese man was robbed after complaining about their poor service.

The Taiwanese man called police and claimed he was robbed by two sex workers in a hotel room in Taipa, Today Macao reported. Lai Man Wai, the spokesperson for the police, said in a special press conference on Sunday that the Taiwanese man had used a mobile phone app to search for sex services and had made a deal with a sex worker for a price of 1,500 Macau patacas (US$185).

The 23-year-old sex worker he chose was a transgender, but the man said he did not know. Reports said the transgender went to the hotel room with another sex worker, a 20-year-old Filipino man who was a cross-dresser. He was undergoing sex reassignment surgery.

The man had agreed to pay 2,000 Macau patacas to have sex with the two, Jornal Va Kio reported. However, the man was not happy with the service provided and abruptly put an end to it. He paid the agreed 2,000 Macau patacas, but the two demanded he pay them 2,000 Macau patacas each. The man refused.

The two then stole the man’s wallet which contained 7,300 Macau patacas and ran away. Police later arrested the two in another room in the same hotel and recovered the stolen money.