Malaysian police arrested 11 foreign women at three locations in Selangor on Monday allegedly involved in illegal sex work.

Officers from the Selangor Anti-Vice, Gaming and Secret Societies Division (D7) stormed two premises in Jenjarom, Banting, just before 5pm, where two women from mainland China and two from Thailand were arrested, the China Press reported.

Towels, massage oil and 700 ringgit in cash (US$167) were recovered from the scene. Authorities said one of the Thai women was hired as a guard, while the other three engaged in illegal sexual transactions.

Five hours later, just before 10pm, seven officers conducted a raid in USJ 21 of UEP Subang Jaya, where a premises was decorated with a variety of themes, including Doraemon animated cartoon themes and party themes filled with balloons.

Seven women – three from Indonesia and four from Vietnam – were identified, with three of them interrupted in the middle of ‘entertaining’ their customers inside the reserved rooms, while four other women were waiting for customers.

At the third location, towels, massage oil, tissues, 30 condoms and 250 ringgit in cash (US$60) were also seized. All those arrested were taken to Subang Jaya District Police Headquarters and the cases investigated under Section 372B of the Penal Code, the Immigration Act and under immigration regulations.