Four people were shot dead and another man injured by the Indonesian military after supporters of a legislative candidate stormed a district office in Asmat in Papua, Indonesia’s most easterly province.

Colonel Muhammad Aidi, a spokesperson for the military, said “JK” — a candidate for the Asmat Regional Legislative Council — claimed he had won enough votes to get a seat, The Jakarta Post reported. However, he was allegedly replaced by another candidate from his own party.

JK allegedly sent about 350 of his supporters to storm the Fayit district office on May 27. The supporters were armed with traditional weapons, which stirred four soldiers from a nearby military post to try to subdue the crowd.

The soldiers felt compelled to open fire. Five people were hit and four of them killed. The deceased were aged from 16 to 40.

Aidi said a joint task force of the military and the national police was sent to the area and had stabilized the situation.

An investigative team will also be formed to acquire accurate information about the incident.