Up to 50 undocumented Indonesian migrant workers in Jordan have been returned home.

Yuli Adiratna, the head of the Manpower Ministry’s Migrant Worker Protection agency, said the Indonesian embassy in Amman utilized Jordan’s fourth amnesty period to accelerate the repatriation of the workers, tempo.co reported. He pointed out that about 50% of the Indonesian citizens in Jordan are undocumented.

The workers were largely those who had completed their employment contracts and remained in Jordan illegally for more work.

Indonesia’s ambassador to Jordan Andy Rachmianto said the amnesty policy should be used as it was not available every year. Authorities aim to deport 50% of the undocumented Indonesians under the amnesty policy that is valid from December 12, 2018, to June 12, 2019.

Almost all the Indonesian nationals returning under this policy were migrant workers and were all women who had stayed in the nation for more than a decade.

According to officials, individuals failing to turn themselves in and take advantage of the policy could be fined 29,500 rupiah (US$2.03) per day by the Jordanian government, starting from the expiration date of their original legal stay permits.