A 35-year-old Indonesian woman was jailed for two weeks by a Singapore court on Friday after she took cash from the 83-year-old woman she cared for at the elderly woman’s home last year.

The court learned that the defendant was hired by a 52-year-old Singaporean woman surnamed Tan to care for her elderly mother surnamed Goh at a home in HDB Block 54 on Pipit Road from March 20, 2018, the Shin Min Daily News reported.

The worker observed that the elderly woman had a habit of casually leaving cash on the computer desk in the living room, which tempted her to help herself – to take a 50- or 100-Singapore-dollar banknote each time.

Between March 20 and June 15, the worker took a total of S$1,050 (US$765) in cash, and spent it on personal items, including a new mobile phone.

The elderly woman’s daughter was vigilant and became suspicious after she spotted the accused using a new phone, which seemed curious for a newly hired domestic worker.

Tan counted the banknotes missing from the computer desk then confronted the worker, who denied stealing.

Tan then decided to terminate the worker’s contract and contacted police, who arrested the Indonesian on July 20, despite the carer insisting that the new phone, SIM card and around S$350 in cash were all gifts from her sister-in-law.

When a police officer called her “relative”, the receiver denied these claims and said that she was simply a compatriot friend who was asked her to the worker buy a mobile device with a SIM card.

After that, the Indonesian woman pleaded guilty to the authorities in regard to stealing money from the elderly woman.