A special police team which was initially on an operation targeting runaway migrant factory workers in Taichung, Taiwan, busted a drug-using Indonesian couple who also allegedly trafficked illegal substances to their compatriots.

The squad from Qingshui Precinct stormed the Longjing Industrial Zone in a bit to catch illegal migrant workers who had been overstaying and working in the country, according to a statement by Taichung City Police Department on May 7.

During the raid, the squad entered a unit where they found a pregnant Indonesian woman sitting on the floor, begging officers not to arrest her but to send her to hospital.

The officers decided to search the unit where the woman’s husband, also an Indonesian, was found hiding inside a wardrobe. Also in the wardrobe was more than 34 sachets of amphetamine with a combined weight of 17.4 grams, glass pipes and other apparatus for inhaling the drug.

The pair admitted they had been in Taiwan for two years, working part-time jobs and trafficking drugs to make ends meet. The pregnant woman told police the drugs were given to them by a compatriot woman two days ago, who asked her to sell it at NT$1,500 per sachet, or NT$2,500 for two.

The pair were arrested for violating the drug control act are now detained.