iPhone sales in China saw year on year growth in the last couple of weeks of the second fiscal quarter while sales bottomed out last November and December, said Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, in a teleconference with analysts.

Revenue from the Greater China region was US$10.2 billion for the second fiscal quarter, compared with US$13 billion a year ago. The company’s overall net revenue was reduced 5% year on year to US$58 billion for the period.

Cook attributed the sales rebound in China to the adjustment in its pricing policy. The company lowered prices for several iPhone models in China in recent months.

He also cited government’s economy stimulus, the help of trade-in and consumer loan plans and eased tensions over US-China trade talks. The situation is better than three months ago, he noted.

Chinese customers like trade-in deals, he said. They regard trade-in deals as a kind of subsidy that lowers the threshold for new iPhone purchases, he added.