More than 18,000 bottles of illegal alcohol have been destroyed by the authorities in Jakarta so far this year. On Monday, a public event at the National Monument (Monas) displayed bottles of illegal liquor being destroyed, The Jakarta Post reported.

However, the city itself owns a 26.25% share in the brewery Delta Djakarta, whose products include San Miguel, Carlsberg and Anker beer.

Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan said the event was ironic as the city had a stake in a beer company, but on the other had it was also destroying liquor. The governor had announced plans to relinquish the city’s stake in the brewery. A letter was sent to the city council requesting a meeting on the subject, but things have been put on hold after several councilors objected the move.

He previously pointed out that the city could rake in up to 1.4 trillion rupiah (US$97 million) if the Delta shares were sold, but the shares do generate revenue from dividends.

According to the official numbers, about 18,174 bottles of illegal liquor were taken from stalls, stores and illegal entertainment establishments.