Police arrested a 59-year-old Hong Kong man for allegedly molesting a Filipina on a bus on Saturday.

At 12:10pm, a 32-year-old Filipina who was a passenger on Citybus route 5B heading to Sai Wan on Hong Kong Island, accused the man of molesting her, news website HK01.com reported.

Two video clips surfaced on social media showing how the suspect was intercepted by the bus driver on the lower deck as he attempted to flee.

A passenger caught hold of the suspect and warned him not to move. The suspect reacted by trying to punch the passenger and to push him out of the way as he tried to leave the bus. However the driver and the passenger prevented him from getting away, though he continued to struggle, prompting a male passer-by to get on the bus and offer his assistance.

Finally, the three men dragged the suspect out of the bus and subdued him on the ground. The suspect was arrested by police for alleged indecent assault.