A Taiwanese employer in Taichung has been jailed for three years and two months by a Taichung District Court after being found guilty of raping a 24-year-old Indonesian woman who was working as his home caregiver two years ago.

The man from Houli district of Taichung hired the migrant worker in 2017 to care for his elderly mother who had been physically disabled due to paralysis, The Liberty Times reported.

The court heard that the man was sexually attracted to the woman and planned to take advantage of her. On the day of the assault, about one month after she started work, the man dragged the woman into the kitchen, in front of his mother, and removed her clothes.

He then took her into the bedroom, where he raped her using force and later promised to pay her compensation. He handed her NT$1,100 (US$35).

After the rape, the victim cleaned herself with tissue paper, which she kept as evidence. She called her employment agency the next day and reported the rape. During a police interrogation, the man insisted it was a consensual sexual transaction at the agreed sum of NT$1,100. However, the woman dismissed that claim, adding that she was trying to resist but was physically subdued by the man.

The court viewed the woman as a more credible witness as she need not have filed her case if she had been willing to earn extra by having sex as the accused had claimed.