Hong Kong’s first ever Polish Cultural Festival was launched on Thursday, just ahead of Poland celebrating its Constitution Day on May 3, and with a series of cultural activities planned throughout the month.

Nancy Chui Leung-yun. Photo: Asia Times

The campaign was organized by a group called Kocham Polske HK, which was founded by Polish culture fan Nancy Chui Leung-yun. Supported by the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland to Hong Kong and some Polish and Hong Kong business people, the campaign is aimed at promoting Polish language, culture, products and food to the people of Hong Kong and encouraging them to visit the Eastern European country.

Miroslaw Adamczyk, Polish consul general in Hong Kong, said in an opening speech on Thursday evening that he was delighted to see the cultural festival take place as it would help Hong Kong understand more about Poland, which is now a modern, developed country. He said he was looking forward to seeing four cultural tours that will depart Hong Kong for Poland in August.

Polish costume. Photo: Asia Times

Adamczyk told Asia Times that the Consulate General of Poland to Hong Kong will continue to promote bilateral trade between Hong Kong and Poland and try to attract more Chinese investment to Poland. He said Polish beef, frozen meat and apples are already welcomed by Chinese consumers.

Between 2014 and 2018, bilateral trade between Hong Kong and Poland grew at about 10.2% annually and last year reached about 1.72 billion euros (US$1.92 billion), which accounted for about 7.0% of total trade between Poland and China, according to data compiled by the Polish consulate general.

Prominent among imports from Poland to Hong Kong in 2018 were meat and meat preparations while exports to Poland from Hong Kong included telecommunications equipment and sound recording and reproduction apparatus, according to Hong Kong’s Trade Development Council. Last year, 29,675 Polish nationals visited Hong Kong.

Chui said she hopes that a direct flight between Hong Kong and Poland will be launched soon. She said she has fallen in love with Poland since her first visit to the country seven years ago, after which she started a business to import amber from Poland.

Justin Lau Kwok-hong, research and operations manager of Kocham Polske HK, said he has arranged tours for Hong Kong polo lovers to go to Poland to undertake short-term training and enjoy watching and taking part in polo matches. Lau said he has organized similar tours to Beijing and is talking to sponsors about bigger plans for the future.

Polish snacks Photo: Asia Times
Poland wants to attract Hong Kong tourists with its scenic beauty and cosmetic products. Photo: Asia Times