A fishing boat that was damaged during an attack by Chinese authorities has been put on display as a reminder to citizens in Vietnam.

The Hoang Sa (Paracel) Exhibition House in Son Tra district of Da Nang City put the boat called DNa 90152TS on display outside its premises, VN Express reported. The boat, which used to fish around the Parcel Islands, was given to the house as a gift by its owner, Huynh Thi Nhu Hoa.

On May 1, 2014, the Chinese oil rig Haiyang Shiyou 981 was anchored off the Paracels. Vietnamese authorities repeatedly demanded its removal and claimed it violated the sovereignty of Vietnam as well as international laws.

In response, Chinese ships started chasing Vietnamese vessels away. At one point they were even attacked.

DNa 90152TS was rammed by a Chinese vessel about 17 nautical miles off the oil rig. In addition, the Chinese stopped other Vietnamese fishing boats from rescuing its crew, but the crewmen were able to save themselves.

China then denied the attack, saying the boat sank after it rammed a Chinese ship. A video clip was then released that showed a Chinese ship ramming DNa 90152TS.

In the past, the Hoang Sa Exhibition rejected offers from Huynh and others like her. However, the house has now said it will make adjustments in the area to display the ship.

Former Hoang Sa district chairman Dang Cons Ngu said the ship was now an exhibit that will serve as a reminder to later generations that Hoang Sa has been occupied illegally.