Trade between China and the United States dropped 11.2% year on year to 1.1 trillion yuan (US$162.4 billion) in the first four months, according to official data.

The US is still China’s third largest trade partner, accounting for 11.5% in total value during the period. Chinese exports to the US amounted to 833.04 billion yuan, down 4.8% from a year ago, while imports from the US fell by 26.8% to 262.85 billion yuan.

China’s trade surplus to the US expanded by 10.5% to 570.19 billion yuan, official data showed.

In April, China’s import and export value amounted to 2.51 trillion yuan, up 6.5%, while the trade surplus narrowed 43.8% to 93.57 billion yuan. For the first four months, the import and export value totalled 9.51 trillion yuan, up 4.3%.

The authority said China trade with the European Union and ASAN both reported growth in the first four months. Trade value with the EU climbed by 11.8% year on year to 1.5 trillion yuan, and that with ASAN rose 13.4% to 1.28 trillion yuan.