Official statistics showed that Vietnamese applied for the third highest number of visas to visit Japan in 2018 after China and the Philipines.

According to figures from the Foreign Ministry of Japan, 286,900 visas were issued to Vietnamese nationals last year, an increase of 38% from 2017, VN Express reported. China ranked first on the list with 5.45 million visas, making almost 80% of the total number of visas issued to foreigners last year.

In second place was the Philippines, while Indonesia took fourth spot. In 2018, diplomatic agencies in Japan issued a record-breaking 6.95 million visa to foreign visitors. The latest number was four times that recorded in 2013.

Japan now offers visa wavers to nationals from more than 60 countries, the majority of them European countries. Visa requirements for other countries have also been relaxed in a bid to boost tourism.