Ten Vietnamese citizens were arrested on May 10 and accused of abducting Chinese nationals and holding them for ransom.

Police in Lang Son province arrest the 10 after they received information about four Chinese citizens who had been kidnapped a week earlier, VN Express reported. They were reportedly tricked into going to Loc Binh, where they were kidnapped and held for huge ransoms.

The 10 men arrested were aged between 17 and 27, with two other suspects still at large. Colonel Nguyen Dinh, the head of Lang Son police, said the suspects used WeChat to get to know their victims before tricking them into entering Vietnam.

The victims were allegedly handcuffed by the suspects, who were dressed as police, and then their families were contacted for ransoms. According to the police, the group had kidnapped a total of seven Chinese nationals and had taken about 215 million dong (US$9,209) in ransoms from April 21 to 28.

Nguyen noted that the victims had entered Vietnam illegally, forcing them to comply with the suspects in a bid to get home safely.