A 29-year-old Vietnamese migrant worker was charged by the Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office in Taiwan on Thursday with killing a man who was mediating a dispute between two groups. Six others involved were set free.

Two groups of migrant workers, all Vietnamese and working for the same manufacturer in Taoyuan, had not been getting along, the United Daily News reported.

At about 1 am on February 17, 2019, the two groups started fighting on Zhongzheng Road. A man who was friends with both sides tried to stop the fight but was beaten up.

During the confrontation, one man pulled out a knife and stabbed the mediator in the heart. All seven men involved then fled. The stabbed man was sent to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police recovered the murder weapon in bushes by the road and identified the seven involved and took them in for questioning.

After reviewing CCTV footage of the crime scene and months of investigation, one of the men was charged with murder while the other six Vietnamese were set free due to insufficient evidence linking them with the crime.