Two Vietnamese migrant workers were chased and arrested in Taiwan for suspected impaired driving on Saturday night after they attempting to get away from a police roadblock.

The Vietnamese men, both surnamed Nguyen and in their 30s, consumed alcohol while they had dinner together on the evening of May 11, the China Daily News reported.

Later, each rode their electric-assisted bicycles home. But when they got onto Yian Road in Annan District in Tainan City, the pair saw police officers from a distance, which prompted them to discard their electric bikes and flee before they reached a roadblock.

However, officers managed to catch one of them, while the other was stopped by two citizens selling noodles at a restaurant nearby.

The blood alcohol level of the runaway migrant caught by police was 0.68mg per liter blood, which was more than double the legal amount (0.25mg/L). He was detained for offenses against public safety.