Volkswagen Group China has reached an agreement on Monday with its partners to introduce the Spanish SEAT brand into the Chinese market to expand its customer base.

Volkswagen, Spanish carmaker SEAT and Anhui-based Chinese auto manufacturer JAC, which together form the joint venture JAC Volkswagen, have reached an agreement for SEAT’s market entry into China within two to three years.

The deal was achieved during a visit of a Chinese delegation led by Li Jinbin, the Communist Party Secretary of Anhui province, to SEAT’s headquarter in Martorell, Spain.

“Today, China is the benchmark country for electric vehicles. We aim to be a part of this ecosystem in order to exchange knowledge and make progress in achieving global mobility that is more sustainable,” Luca de Meo, CEO of SEAT, said in a Xinhua News Agency report.

Volkswagen has set out to expand the range of electric vehicles this year and is expecting more than half of its 22 million electronic cars sold worldwide to be produced in China by 2028. The carmaker expects to deliver around 1.5 million electric vehicles, most of them pure e-cars, to customers by 2025.