A Filipino caregiver who allegedly suffered abuse from her employer in Saudi Arabia has been seeking help to be rescued.

The 49-year-old caregiver identified as Loida, not her real name, who went to Saudi Arabia in 2017, was hit by her employer whenever she made a mistake. The employer allegedly punched, slapped and kicked her as punishment, GMA News reported.

According to Loida’s family, they lost contact with her last December when she suddenly stopped sending money. The family found out about the abuse when Loida’s co-worker managed to contact them and told them what happened.

The co-worker said the employer confiscated Loida’s mobile phone, which was why they lost contact with her. Loida also suffered numerous injuries due to the employer’s abuse.

The family sought help from the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), which pledged to coordinate with the Philippine Overseas Labor Office, to assist in bringing the Filipina home. The OWWA will also get in touch with Loida’s recruitment agency in the Philippines.