Trade friction between the US and China has impacted the domestic capital market to some extent, but it is under control and remains resilient, Yi Huiman, chairman of China’s top securities regulator said in an interview with China Central Television (CCTV).

The present leverage level in the stock market is only about 20% of that in 2015 and the valuation of A-share stocks, compared to stock indexes globally, is at a very low level with great potential, Yi said, adding that China is confident it can keep capital markets resistant, stable and healthy in the long run.

The authority has prepared enough policy tools to guarantee the stability of the capital market, he noted.

Yi also stressed China continues efforts to open up financial markets. The authority will expand the opening of China’s exchange-traded bond market and futures market to foreign participation, as a way to channel more funds to upgrade the second largest economy’s market structure, he said.