An 82-year-old woman was rescued by her Indonesian caregiver as her home began to collapse in the early hours of Saturday during a landslide after days of heavy rain in Taiwan’s Chiayi county.

At 12.10am on June 1, a collapse of a mass of earth and rock from a hill in Tai-Ping village near Meishan town began to build up around a house at the bottom where two women lived, TVBS News reported.

The female owner surnamed Ip was reportedly trapped as mud and rocks crushed the unit, jamming the door. Her carer, who was in the opposite room, quickly rushed to the elderly woman’s room, and pushed the jammed door open with all her strength.

The pair managed to evacuate to safety outside the collapsed structure. They were startled but fortunately uninjured.

The chief of village said later he suspected that part of the slope had become unstable due to days of thunderstorms.

The cause of the landslide may be investigated by the authorities.