A young Chinese man has won Warren Buffett’s annual charity auction lunch with a record bid.

Sun Chenyu, 29, who claims to be an entrepreneur in the field of crypto currency, won the right to dine with one of the world’s richest people in the world with a US$4.56 million bid, a record high price. He is a founder of crypto currency “TRON” and chief executive of Bittorrent.

“I believe in value investing,” Sun said on his social media page, “I hope I can invite famous blockchain players to join my discussion with Mr. Buffett in order to deepen the understanding of crypto currency by top traditional (asset class) investors.”

However, Buffett has strongly criticized cryptocurrencies on several occasions in the past, saying they lack value as they do not produce anything.

Winning the right for Buffett’s charity lunch has increasingly become a way of marketing in China. At least four Chinese have won bids over the past 20 years of the action.